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  • E [In-Game] Grand Opening Week Attendance Event!
    GM 2020-09-01 11:06:17

    Icarus Mobile MMORPG finally opens the sky today!
    Riders of Akerion, the long wait is over!
    To show our love for your continuous support to Icarus M,
    We have prepared an event that gives you great rewards for logging into the game for 7 consecutive days! ˆԅ)
    As you login each day, the better rewards you will get! (/ )/
    Please refer to the details below to participate!

    EVENT. [In-Game] 7-day Special attendance event!

    1. Event period

       September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) ~ Until further announcement

    2. Event contents

        Log in between 00:00 ~ 23:59 PST during the event period.
       After logging in, receive a gift from Grand Opening Week Attendance Event
       If you log in to the game every day, we will put an event gift by date in your 'Mailbox'!

    3. How to participate in the event

     1) Login to the game every day.
     2) Upon logging in, check the Event Rewards that will be sent to your mailbox.
     3) Receive the Event Rewards into your mailbox.

    4. Event reward

    Days Reward
    Day 1 General Recovery Potion x15
    Day 2 Mecca Calypse
    Day 3 Weapon Reinforcing Stone x 5
    Day 4 Familiar Promotion Stone x1
    Day 5 Familiar Reinforcing Stone x3
    Day 6 Armor Reinforcing Stone x5
    Day 7 Akerion's Costume
    (Open commemorative limited edition costume)
    Day 2 reward [Mecha Calypse]


     -Rewards from the 7th Attendance Event will be sent to your ‘Mailbox’.
     -For event rewards, please check the available collection period in the mailbox and receive it within the period.
     -Unclaimed event rewards cannot be recovered.
     -Attendance rewards can be obtained in a daily order and are not duplicated.
     -If you complete one attendance and receive a gift for the day,
       You can attend the next session after 00:00 PST the next day.
     -Event details and schedule are subject to change.

    All the Riders of Akerion!! Login every day for 7 days and receive event rewards!
    Have a happy time with Icarus M~~!!

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