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  • In the home page of the characters open the Equipment tab then choose a specific equipment you want to enhance after you choose the item when you tap it there is an option below enhance.
  • In the store tab you will see a shard of prophecy logo after tapping the shard of prophecy logo swipe left to see where you can roll to obtain a companion
  • In the home page of your characters tap the companion tab then choose the companion you desire to improve tier, after choosing tap the companion and option below to improved tier will show and tap it.
  • First, you must clear chapter 8 in adventure in order to unlock it first, then in the home page of your character, you will see in the right-hand corner guild icon tap the guild icon, and when you tap the guild icon an option to establish a guild and a list of the guild as well will appear where you can choose to join.
  • It’s an instance where guild members can get Quartz, Gem, eternal token and key of Prophecy. The instance have 2 difficulties normal which is the basic difficulty and Hard which can be unlocked after clearing tier dungeon once.
  • Is feature of the game where you can fight against players together with your companions and gain exciting rewards such as Quartz and eternal key.
  • It’s an instance that has 3 kinds of level one is Common dungeon, then the second is Tier Dungeon , and the last is Chaos dungeon.
  • It’s an instance that has 3 kinds of level one is Rift stage, then the second is Void Rift stage and the last one is Abyss Rift stage.
  • You can activate chat when you reach level 1000.
  • Extract set effects is a feature where you can unlock tons of set effects by sacrificing a certain equipment based on its rarity.

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