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  • This is how to use coupon:

    AOS :
    In the game [Menu][Settings]-[Information]-[Coupon] or on coupon registration page in the Icarus M brand site especially for the players who are using IOS device.

    Players who are using IOS device can redeem the reward through the Coupon registration page in the Icarus M brand site. [Select Server][Enter the Character Name]-[Enter the Coupon code]-[Click "Input Coupon"]

    Coupon Website Link: http://icarusm-na-live-event.valofe.com/coupon


    Coupon code can be used once on main account.

    Example: acc1 (server1),acc2 (server2),acc3 (server3) were linked to same Google account.

    a. if you redeem the coupon on acc1, you cannot redeem  it on acc2 and acc3

    b. if you redeem the coupon on acc2, you cannot redeem  it on acc1 and acc3

    c. if you redeem the coupon on acc3, you cannot redeem  it on acc1 and acc2
  • When you purchase goods in-game, network environment, store’s payment process, recognition error on your card, and others may cause payment failure. If you have inconvenience with the payment errors, please check the problems below. If you have any other problems on this kind of error, please request 1:1 consultant service of our customer center

    Typical payment error Case:

    1. Unstable network connection, unstable internet environment or problems from being connected on WIFI
    2. Recognition problem of card ID – could be solved by registering other card.
    3. Incompatible credit card for international order – Visa card is more stable to payment.
    4. If you exceed the limit of payment – check the expenditure per use on telecom and card payment limitation.
    5. If you use minor data charge or mobile prepaid card – ask customer service to telecom.
    6. If the store judged it dangerous payment – contact the store and ask for support.
  • We are sorry to announce you that in case of Apple store(I-tunes), we are not able to help you immediately because they don’t make us authorized to treat your payment information and processing. When you make purchase but didn’t provided, please request [withdrawal purchase] first via I-tunes upon the payment to goods not received. If Apple mail to decline your request about the payment, request 1:1 consult with completing articles below.


    1. The name of the character and its server name
    2. The date of purchase
    3. Goods you claimed
    4. The number of order
    5. Details / attach screenshot: of e-mail declining your request from Apple and purchase receipt of it.

    [How to check purchase receipt on Appstore]

    1. click I-tunes and log in
    2. Choose your account
    3. Click [see all] on purchase record
    4. Select the game and screenshot [purchase record[(list) and [specific order record] then request 1:1 consult of our customer center with the screenshots

    [how to enclose screenshots]
    select [start]-[All program]-[Assistant program]-[paintings]-[operation] – [all programs -> Assistance program -> "Paint"  -> Import those images into Paint -> Save as - > Change to JPEG "file format JPEG".

    Using image attach function when you request 1:1 consult.

    ※ if you use the lower version of internet explorer, attach function could be failure so search Chrome on NAVER or DAUM – download and use it to connect our customer service page.
  • The network environment and payment process of the store at the time of purchase goods sometimes make delay of delivery goods with late approval message. We kindly ask for your patience for a moment. If the situation is not solved, you can get help by requesting 1:1 consult. We can send it out or cancel the purchase. Refer to the articles below to get help.


    1. The name of the character and its server name
    2. The date of purchase
    3. Goods you claimed (if you want the feedback of multiple purchases, make the list each of it)
    4. The store you used: (Google)
    5.store account: (Google)
    6. The number of order: Google – GPA 0000-0000-0000-00000
    7. Request: (proceed or cancel the purchase)
    8. Details:
  • If you want to cancel and get a refund of the payment, you can can withdraw the purchase within 7 days without fee. however, we have to ask excuse that the product applied immediately, used already or got optional benefits (event or else) are may limited to cancel. cancellation of the payment can be accepted by request 1:1 consult. We will reply your request as soon as possible with verifying yours.
  • Please set a password on purchase to prevent payment by mistake or by other person without your consent.

    [How to set the google play purchase password]

    Select menu icon on upper side –> Settings –> Check identification on purchase –> Check every purchase in this device –> Set password.
  • It is test payment for checking payment method is valid just for the first time. Please note that it is not a permanent purchase, after a certain period, it will be refunded automatically.
  • Log in method Icarus M provided are [Google account login], [Facebook account login] and [Guest Login]. [Google and Facebook accounts] is to login using accounts you have been used. [Guest Login] is not using Google and Facebook accounts but log-in with information in device. [Guest Login] may cause loss of account’s game data by deleting the app and changing device etc. so if you want to secure your account, please use log-in of [Google and Facebook accounts]
  • Unfortunately, if you forget your guest login information cannot be restored at any chaces. if you log-in using guest account because of [linking accounts] function on the in-game setting after the log-in, please use the function via the setting menu before enjoying the game.
  • If you have been Google or Facebook log-in, changing device or re-installation of the app cannot affect original game data you used. However, the following cases may cause trouble to continue. / 1. When Google and Facebook account unlinked to the game, 2. Withdraw/Remove account using former device, 3. No using the link account function on guest log-in. these 3 cases not allow to use of data before (Guest account) and it is impossible to restore your account so you have to link accounts for protection of your data.

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