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Super Match Season 5

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  • In the world of Icarus, there are the forces divided into M [Sirius] and [Eps]. you can select a force before character level 15. Please be careful. once you choose a force, you cannot change it. In addition, you can establish and join only in the guild from the force you choose after the selection.
  • In the world of Icarus M, the forces divided into two sides. Please check first your friend’s force is the same as yours. We would like to ask you to know that if it is different, you can be together in same guild and also, when you quit guild from you had been belong, you won’t be able to join or establish a new guild and need to wait for 24 hours.
  • Consumable goods of Icarus M are generally Blue Ellun, Red Ellun, and Gold. Additionally, there are [Force Points, Guild Points] which can be obtained from Community activity in game, [the Soul Stone, Zodiac points] which can be obtained via completing contents within the Midellas continent and [Familiar Essence, Crystal Essence] can be obtained by decomposing a specific item (Familiar).

    [How to get]
    • Blue Ellun: you can obtain from purchase in the game.
    • Red Ellun: you can obtain from rewards of processing guide, collection book, and quest.
    • Force point: when you kill the other force’s character in conflict zone.
    • Guild point: from donation to guild / Soul Stones: from completing suppress operation to Crusade 5 Legion and Space Time Gap.
    • Zodiac point: from process of tower of the Lord God.
    • Familiar Essence: it is extracted from familiars
    • Crystal Essence: from deposition of monster core above elite grade
  • Even if you equipped normal items, your character’s appearance will not change but [Costume] do with wearing it. We are providing various decoration items so its appearance can match the taste of your descendant.
  • Please be informed that the deleted character name is unusable for a certain period.
  • Please be notified that you can obtain only the equipment items of the character's class you have chosen from box items.
  • You can use emergency escape by its button which can be found on [menu]-[setting] in the game. You will move to designated spot when you use it. [emergency escape] function can be used after 5 minutes from its use.
  • Unfortunately, please be informed that currently, we didn’t provide an inventory system that allows transferring items between accounts. We hope for your kind understanding.
  • You can change push and night-time (9 p.m to 8 a.m) notifications setting on the in-game [Menu]-[Settings]-[Notifications]
  • We would like to inform you that the reward for pre registration has already been sent through the coupon.

    For more information, please check the link to get the coupons. (https://vfun.valofe.com/game/icarusm_global?idx=19)

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