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  • Real World Trading (RWT), outside of the DShop, is a violation of the Dekaron Terms of Use, and not permitted. Players who are confirmed to be engaging in RWT are subject to account action, ranging from warnings, to temporary or permanent account suspension.

    No support is granted in disputes where RWT is involved.
  • Please completely uninstall Dekaron and any related data to get rid of any possibly corrupted files. After that, please re-install using the latest version of the client. 

    Please also make sure your firewall and anti-virus do not block Dekaron from running.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot connect to the Dekaron: Global client through most IP addresses in the China/Southeast Asian regions (with a few exceptions).

    There are clients available for some of these regions, but they are separate from the Global client and is not currently supported. 
  • Item transfers between characters and/or accounts are limited to what is permitted by the in-game trading system. If you cannot normally trade an item between characters as per the game's normal functions, we are unable to make exceptions.
  • The risk of losing your item is part of the crafting process, and we are unable to restore lost items, so long as the system is functioning correctly. Items restorations are only done when a verified software bug has occurred. 

    If you suspect that your item was lost to a bug, you may request we investigate. However, the only tool we have to corroborate is our logs, which take precedence over player testimony.
  • We are unable to recover items lost to scams, as we have no ability to verify agreements or exchanges outside of the existing trade system. All in-game trades are considered final, so it is inadvisable to give away items, even temporarily, without receiving something of equal value in return.
  • Each server is a completely independent copy of the game world. Characters, items, and cash cannot be moved between servers. 

    Trieste is the original Dekaron server, and contains items and players going back to the game's launch. 

    Helion is a newer server which was launched in April 2020. None of its characters or items go back to before this date. 

    Besides the different items and players on each server, both are functionally identical. 
  • Unfortunately not. While issues sometimes arise that leave players unable to access their account, and any temporary bonuses their characters might posses, we are unable to verify whether or not an account was unable to access the game due to an error, or intentional player actions. 

    In order to maintain a consistent precedent for all players, we can only refund item time lost due to confirmed game bugs or server-side issues. 
  • No. Trieste is Dekaron's original server, and is part of a virtual economy that dates back more than ten years. Many players wanted the chance to build a fresh Dekaron economy, and allowing transfer of items and/or characters between the two servers would remove this part of Helion's appeal.
  • Disassembling an item requires a Disassembly Hammer, and produces a Soul Stone, which is needed for Item Branding.

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