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  • The Steam version of Combat Arms: Reloaded can only be played by logging into the Steam account.
    If you are not a Steam user, please sign up for the Steam newly.
    If you want to play with VALOFE account, you have to install the client of VALOFE version which can be downloaded from the VALOFE site and play it.
    In other words, the VALOFE account and the Steam account do not work together.

    However, VALOFE version and Steam version are working on the same server and each user will play together.

  • The transfer process was available from the 22th of November 2017 to the 09th of march 2018.
    This was announced by Nexon and multiple times by VALOFE.
    There is no chance to transfer the Combat Arms: Reloaded Accounts which haven't done that in time.

    Due to privacy regulations, Nexon was not allowed to hand over your data to VALOFE without your agreement.
    There are far more data to hand out than just game accounts.

    Each player had 5 months of time to agree to the transfer.
    Nexon Europe closed the office March 2018.

    Thus, the data transfer gate was also closed.

  • Basically, the gameplay of Combat Arms: Reloaded is free of charge and weapons and gears corresponding to PURE COMBAT are also provided free of charge.

    Most other items can be purchased as game money, and only some items such as cosmetics need to be charged.

  • PURE COMBAT is a match that is prepared to play PvP against player's skill purely by equipping only weapons and gears that have been proved to be balanced.

    In addition, the weapons and gears corresponding to PURE COMBAT are provided free of charge.

  • The five modes that Elimination, One Man Army, Capture the Flag, Search & Destroy, VIP Escort are corresponding to PURE COMBAT.

    These are the most popular game mode in Combat Arms: Reloaded and suitable for confrontation by player's skill.

  • The weapons and gears corresponding to PURE COMBAT are free to charge.

    These are the equipment marked with a green icon in the store.

  • All games of Combat Arms: Reloaded can be played for up to 16 players.

    The game that separates the Alpha team and Bravo team is maximum of 8 players can be a team.

  • It is impossible data transfer between VALOFE account and Steam account.

    If a user who existing VALOFE user is playing with a Steam account, he will have to create a new character.

  • In addition to Pure Combat, Combat Arms: Reloaded has various contents such as General Combat, Ranked Combat, Clan Match as a PvP and Fireteam, Play with Bots as a PvE.

  • When you start the game, please press the top left button on the Home screen.
    This will open a menu where you can select Pure Combat and General Combat from PvP Game.
    Press + to register the button on the left menu bar to make it easier to enter.

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