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  • Battery items are a variety of equipment that runs off of battery charge in game play.
    They do not use ammunition like guns and can be used repeatedly during combat, as long as there is enough battery charge to activate the item.

    Each Battery item uses the player’s battery charge differently.
    Some drain the battery charge over time, while some will use the entire charge instantly.
    Develop your own strategies to manage your battery charge to be the most efficient on the battlefield.

    During combat, the Battery item will recharge itself to be used again, appearing orange when it isn’t fully charged.
    A Battery Meter shows how much of a charge is left.
    The meter surrounds the Radar in the upper right corner of your screen and is displayed at all times.
    When the Battery Meter flashes it means the battery charge has been completely refilled.

    You cannot have more than one Battery item equipped at a time.

  • Bonus Passes let you earn additional EXP and/or GP with every game you play.
    With a Bonus EXP or GP pass equipped, you receive an additional reward at the end of a completed match.

    Bonus Passes are obtained in set quantities and do not expire like some weapons or gear items.

    Rare EXP+GP Combo Passes award bonus EXP and GP together in one pass, and are only offered through sales or events occasionally.

    Bonus Passes are found under the “Function” section of your inventory. Remember to enter your storage and equip Bonus Passes before entering a game.

  • Specialists are unique mercenaries.

    Specialists can be bought either with GP by players that meet the rank requirements, or at any time with GC.

    Specialists have remarkable abilities and are easily identifiable because of their unique appearance.
    This will allow other players to be prepared for their equipment and functions.

    Specialists have access to special items not available to other Mercenaries.

  • You can use a Super Megaphone to broadcast a message to every player logged in to Combat Arms.
    Your message will be seen by players whether they’re in chatting in the lobby, browsing the shop, or playing in a match.

    To use a Super Megaphone, locate the item in the “Function” section of your inventory and activate it.
    When prompted , enter in the message you wish to broadcast.
    You can even change the colors of the words in the message.

    Once submitted for broadcast, the message will be sent out through the game once messages already waiting to be broadcasted are finished.

    Warning: Messages sent with the Super Megaphones are subject to Valofe's Terms of Use and may not be used to harass other players or use inappropriate language. Users caught violating the terms of use through the Super Megaphones or other means can be subject to disciplinary actions by GM's. 

  • Limited Edition Permanent Weapons were only available for a limited time.

    These permanent weapons can be identified by “LE” added to the name of the weapon.

    While the name is different, its stats are identical to the regular version.
    Weapon usage stats for these Limited Edition weapons are tracked on the website in the same category as the regular version.
    (example: A G36E Valkyrie LE has Weapon Usage stats and Rankings under the G36E Valkyrie)

    Limited Edition weapons are not always available for purchase from the shop.

  • Vote Kick allows a player to call a vote on whether to eject a teammate from the match in session.

    To initiate a Vote Kick, press the F5 key to open the Vote Kick window.

    Select the player to be kicked, and choose one of the available reasons for kicking.

    Once started, all other players (excluding yourself and the kick target) are asked if the player should be kicked.

    Those who do not vote are considered “Abstain” votes, and count as a 0.5 NO vote. If 70% or more vote YES the player is kicked.

    Once you have been kicked, you cannot rejoin the room until the match is complete.

    The person who initiates a vote will be unable to nominate another player to be Vote Kicked until 5 minutes have passed.

  • The Default Weapon Change allows you to permanently change your default weapons, so instead of the M16A3 assault rifle (primary) or M92FS pistol (secondary), you will always have permanent access to the weapon you choose with the Default Weapon Change item.

    When the Default Weapon Change item is used, you will no longer have the previous default weapon that was changed.

    The Default Weapon Change is no longer available for purchase, but if you already have one in your Inbox, you should have no trouble activating it.

  • The World Cooltime System is set up to regulate and balance certain Specialist Support items.

    In order to prevent spamming or abuse of such items, the World Cooltime System restricts how frequently these items can be used.

    All players are affected by the World Cooltime System.
    For example, in an Elimination Game, if a player on Alpha uses the Airstrike Designator-LGB, all players on both Alpha and Bravo with an Airstrike Support item must wait for the World Cooltime System to finish before another Airstrike can be launched.

  • Whether you are recording a video or just want a more open view, you can toggle the HUD on and off with the Page Up key.
    HUD means “Heads-Up Display” and refers to all of the information displayed on screen while playing.

  • In the case of a tied score at the end of a Capture the Flag game, a winner is determined using a combination of the following values:

    • Successful Flag Captures – A measure of total capture mission points.

    • Flag Retrieval – A measure of flag defense. The lower the number of retrievals, the better.

    • Total Kills – The number of opponents killed.

    • Total Deaths – The number of deaths on your team.

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