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  • In the case of a tied score at the end of a Capture the Flag game, a winner is determined using a combination of the following values:

    • Successful Flag Captures – A measure of total capture mission points.

    • Flag Retrieval – A measure of flag defense. The lower the number of retrievals, the better.

    • Total Kills – The number of opponents killed.

    • Total Deaths – The number of deaths on your team.

  • When Daily Jobs are active, each day there will be a new list of goals for you to complete that award prizes instantly.
    The Daily Jobs are automatically active when you log into the game and you only need to begin playing to start earning your free prizes.

    Each Daily Job has unique goals with rules that must be followed in order to be eligible to earn progress for the Job.
    Make sure to read each Daily Job’s information carefully to know which matches will help you work towards completing it.

    Keep an eye on the Combat Arms website for news and updates about what Daily Jobs are available and what prizes you can earn!
    Click here for more information about Daily Jobs.

  • Daily Jobs will not work for every match, as the settings for the match you’re playing in may affect its eligibility.
    Also, Daily Jobs must be completed in the order they are listed.
    You cannot earn progress on the second Daily Job until the first is completed.

    To know if a match you are in will count towards your current Daily Job, a Daily Job Tracker will appear beneath your Radar on the HUD when you can begin earning progress.

    Also remember that progress towards Daily Jobs only counts for matches that are successfully completed.
    Even if the Daily Job Tracker states you are now at 100% completion, it will only count if you finish the rest of the match.

  • Fireteam offers reward items to players who complete the map on higher levels of difficulty.
    Only the difficulty levels of HARD and EXTREME offer rewards.

    All rewards earned from completing Fireteam are automatically added to your Inbox following the end of the match. The reward will only last in your Inbox for 24 hours, so be sure to activate it before it expires!

    Each Fireteam map offers unique rewards:

    • Desert Thunder: Shemagh (Head/Face item)

    • Cabin Fever: Infection Masks (Head/Face item)

    • Black Lung: Dynamite (Grenade)

    • Desert Fox: Eyepatch (Face item)

  • Rewards earned through Daily Jobs will only remain in your Inbox for a limited duration of time.

    If you do not activate your Daily Job reward within that duration of time, it will be removed. Remember to activate your Daily Job rewards as soon as possible!

  • Bonus Passes will only count for matches that are successfully completed and award EXP and GP at the end.

    If you did not get to finish your match and did not receive EXP and GP, you will not lose any of your remaining EXP and GP Bonus Pass uses.

    Being kicked, disconnected, or stopped by abnormal gameplay alerts will not cause you to lose remaining EXP and GP Bonus Pass uses.

  • If a completed match meets the necessary requirements, it will trigger the Roulette Wheel to appear following the end of the match.
    This wheel awards Forging Hardware and Customization items used in the Gun Emporium to make new weapons and improve ones you already own.

    Roulette will only be available at the end of matches which meet the necessary requirements.
    Keep an eye out on the Combat Arms website for events where the Roulette Wheel contains new prizes and items to earn.

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