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  • Once you have a video clip that you’d like to share online, open the Combat Arms: the Classic menu in the top left and select “Video” from the drop down menu.

    Enter your YouTube.com login information, select a video file listed on the menu, give it a title and descriptive information, and press “Upload.”

    In order to use the YouTube Uploader, you need to have an active account with YouTube.

  • “TV” is short for TeamViewer, a program used for connecting into another person’s computer through the internet.

    This program is not associated with Valofe or Combat Arms: the Classic.

    Customer Support will not be able to help you with any issues that arise as a result of using this program.

  • Players can record videos of Combat Arms: the Classic without installing any third party programs!

    From anywhere in the game, press the Page Down key on the keyboard to begin recording.
    In the upper-left corner of the screen, a recording notice will appear to let you know when video is being captured.

    Video recording can be customized to meet your needs.

    When in the lobby, click on the Combat Arms: the Classic Menu button in the upper left corner and select “Video”. 

    Smaller videos will have lower quality but will upload faster while larger video will look better but can take a significant amount of time to upload depending on your internet connection speed.

    Experiment and see what settings work best for you.

    Recorded videos are stored inside the folder where Combat Arms: the Classic is installed.

    The default location is
    “C:\Valofe\CombatArms: the Classic\” or “C:\Valofe\Library\CombatArms\appdata”
    if installed through the Valofe Launcher.

  • You cannot stack 25%, 40% or 100% Bonus EXP and GP Passes together to increase their boost amount.
    You may only have one EXP and one GP pass equipped at a time.

    Only EXP+GP Combo Passes can be stacked with other passes.
    The Combo Pass can be equipped alongside both EXP and GP Bonus Passes (example: 100% EXP Pass, 40% GP Pass, 20% Combo Pass).

    This rare type of Bonus Pass cannot normally be bought from the shop or received through supply cases, so stock up on it when you see it offered!

  • If you have Internet Explorer 9 installed then this issue is caused by its GPU rendering feature. 

    In order to see clan management screen you need to instruct Internet Explorer 9 to use software rendering instead.
    This option can be set in Control Panel -> Internet Options, then under tab Advanced check box next to "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering". See screenshot.

    You may use a complete diffrent Browser then the Internet Explorer, but Combat Arms is using the Internet Explorer. So the fact of your diffrent Browser usage is irrelevant.

  • Bonus Passes for EXP and GP apply to the base reward of the match before any Server Boosts are applied.

    For example, if a server offers +10% to EXP and GP, that 10% from the server is not calculated with the reward from your equipped Bonus Passes.

  • Although the Default Weapon Change and Weapon Free Passes are no longer available for purchase, if you already have one in your Inbox, you should have no trouble activating it. 

  • Battery items are a variety of equipment that runs off of battery charge in game play.
    They do not use ammunition like guns and can be used repeatedly during combat, as long as there is enough battery charge to activate the item.

    Each Battery item uses the player’s battery charge differently.
    Some drain the battery charge over time, while some will use the entire charge instantly.
    Develop your own strategies to manage your battery charge to be the most efficient on the battlefield.

    During combat, the Battery item will recharge itself to be used again, appearing orange when it isn’t fully charged.
    A Battery Meter shows how much of a charge is left.
    The meter surrounds the Radar in the upper right corner of your screen and is displayed at all times.
    When the Battery Meter flashes it means the battery charge has been completely refilled.

    You cannot have more than one Battery item equipped at a time.

  • Bonus Passes let you earn additional EXP and/or GP with every game you play.
    With a Bonus EXP or GP pass equipped, you receive an additional reward at the end of a completed match.

    Bonus Passes are obtained in set quantities and do not expire like some weapons or gear items.

    Rare EXP+GP Combo Passes award bonus EXP and GP together in one pass, and are only offered through sales or events occasionally.

    Bonus Passes are found under the “Function” section of your inventory. Remember to enter your storage and equip Bonus Passes before entering a game.

  • Specialists are unique mercenaries.

    Specialists can be bought either with GP by players that meet the rank requirements, or at any time with GC.

    Specialists have remarkable abilities and are easily identifiable because of their unique appearance.
    This will allow other players to be prepared for their equipment and functions.

    Specialists have access to special items not available to other Mercenaries.

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