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  • On October 3, 2022, Level Up Brazil will hand over all publishing and development responsibilities of Combat Arms: Brasil to VFUN. On the date mentioned, all services for Combat Arms: Brasil will be transferred to Valofe Global Ltd. from Level Up! Interactive Ltd
  • Any or all platforms related to Combat Arms: Brasil that are managed by Level Up! such as the current website, official forums, and social media channels will likely be closed down or repurposed along with the current player support process.

    Game localization, customer support, and all other publishing responsibilities will be handled directly by Valofe/ VFUN.
  • Your account will remain unaffected as long as you participate and complete the request for an account transfer. All your progress and account data will be available on the new service handled by VFUN. During this process, all your data will be handled with care.

    When the account transfer period ends on April 2, 2021, all Combat Arms: Brasil account and game data still managed by Level Up! will be permanently unavailable and account transfer services will be terminated. Concerning this process, remaining Level Up! cash in the account will not be transferred.
  • One (1) Level Up! Combat Arms: Brasil account can only be migrated to one (1) VFUN account.

    You must register a new VFUN account when you apply for account transfer after the maintenance on October 3, 2022.

    Please be advised that this procedure is to avoid any issues or conflict concerning the game data for both the Level Up! Combat Arms: Brasil account and the VFUN account
  • Any Level Up! account with Combat Arms: Brasil game data and is in good standing can apply for the account transfer. If your account was permanently banned for any reason, you would not be able to apply for the transfer.
  • The account transfer is a voluntary procedure, so the owners of the inactive accounts are responsible for the transfer process. If due to this inactivity, they do not participate or apply for the account transfer their game accounts will not have their data transferred to the new service.
  • Valofe(VFUN) as a different entity from the previous publisher has its own set of terms and policies. If wish to know more about these, you can read them using these links:

    Terms of Agreement (https://vfun.valofe.com/customer/g_pc_terms)
    Privacy Policy (https://vfun.valofe.com/customer/g_pc_privacy)
  • All servers will be open and accessible during the entire account transfer period. The transfer period is after the maintenance on October 3, 2022, up until April 2, 2023.
  • Your characters, equipment, inventories, mailbox items, levels, titles, clan membership, GP, and items will still be intact and available on VFUN.
  • Financial data, including the remaining Level Up! Cash balance, payment records, and payment processor information for all accounts will NOT be transferred.

    All Level Up! Cash transactions including top-ups and purchases on the “Mercado Negro” will be suspended after the termination of game services under Level Up! on September 30, 2022.

    Purchased items left in your account’s inbox will be included with the account transfer on October 3, 2022.

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