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  • Bless Unleashed PC observes the game rating and different rating applies for different regions as Bless Unleashed PC provides a global service.

    Check out more details in the official Steam Store of Bless Unleashed PC.

    [Steam Store]

    Thank you.
  • As Bless Unleashed PC provides a global service, all players can access any region and server regardless of the country and platform of an account.

    Thank you.

  • Servers are listed in order of the server number.
    And the last server you accessed will be listed on top.

    Thank you.
  • If you increase the Class Level, you can additionally activate more powerful “Class Skills”.

    Class Level is not activated at the early stage of the game content, and it can be activated through the “The Hidden Master” quest that can be begun at the beginning of the final Campaign Quest in Sperios.

    When the Class Level is activated, its information can be seen in the “Character Info”.

  • If you accidentally destroyed an item, please contact the Customer Center.
    We will proceed to the restoration if the availability of the restoration is confirmed.

    Please note that restoration is available up to 2 times a year per account.

    Bless Unleashed PC Customer Support
  • Blessing Effects can be upgraded up to Lv.20 or Lv.10 according to the Blessing Effect.

    Check out the game guide below for the details of each level for Blessing Effects.

    Upgrade details of Blessing Effects by Class

  • The character’s name can be changed using the “Character Name Change Voucher” that is available at the Lumena Shop.

    Bring the “Character Name Change Voucher” to Outfit Designer to change the character name.
  • The character’s hair can be changed using the “Card: Character Hair Change” that is available at the Lumena Shop, and the appearance can be changed using the “Card: Character Appearance Change” that is also available at the Lumena Shop.

    Card: Character Hair Change: Only hair can be changed.
    Card: Character Appearance Change: The whole appearance can be changed including hair.

    When you use the “Card: Character Hair/Appearance Change”, you will be moved to the changing UI.

    Although you leave the UI or cancel the process without completion of the change, you can still continue the changing process until the final save is made.
    If you press the “Change Hair/Appearance” button at the bottom of the character selection screen, you will return to the ongoing changing UI.

  • Character slots can be expanded using the “Character Slot Expansion Ticket” that is available at the Lumena Shop.

    3 character slots are given by default, and it can be expanded up to 10 slots.
  • Skill Points can be reset using the “Reset Upgraded Skills” item that is available at the Limited-Time Merchant.

    Reset Upgraded Skills” can be purchased up to once a day, and Blessing Effects and Class Skills cannot be reset using this item.

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