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  • When you play and use chips, you will receive experience points. And those accumulated experience points will get you to the next level. And remember, the higher the level, the higher your bonuses will be.
  • ■The 1st app in the world to offer Blackjack Tournaments!■

    ▶ Compete in Tournament Mode
    * Real Blackjack Tournaments with Official Casino Rules!
    * Multi-level Tournaments: Rio, Las Vegas, Sydney, Macau, Tokyo
    * Compete with 2 other players in 8 hands
    * Hand 4 is an Elimination Hand
    * One chance to exchange a card at the most crucial moment

    ▶ Get Lucky in Spin & Go Mode
    * The top chip-holder gets the prize!
    * Open to all levels
    * 4 rounds with no elimination hands
    * Compete with 3 other players

    ▶ Hone your Skills in Free Bet Mode
    * Play with friends and people around the world
    * Multi-Bets & Pair Bets: Bet in up to 3 places simultaneously
    * Double Pay Gauge: A full gauge doubles your pay
    for the next hand
    * Play with friends at your own private blackjack table
    * Rank up and play more advanced tables:

    ▶ Play against friend 1 vs 1 Mode
    * Add friends in-game and challenge them! 
    * Play VS mode to show the real blackjack winner!
    * Four rounds with no elimination hands
    * Challenge your friend one on one!

    ▶ Earn Free Bonuses & Complete Missions
    * Welcome Bonus: $500,000 in chips
    * Time Bonus: $40,000 in chips every 3 Hours
    * Daily Bonuses: Chips up to $3,500,000
    * Weekly Bonus: Tournament Ticket or chips
    * Daily / Special Missions: Free Chips upon completion
    * Various Seasonal Events & Special Missions!
  • Blackjack 21 does not support Single Mode.
    However, you can play in Free Bet channel by locking and you can play on your own without any interruption.
    The Free Bet lock button is on the bottom part of the Free Bet lobby next to the Join button (Table+).
  • Here are some tips for you to earn some free chips.

    - Welcome Bonus : Available when you first login
    - Daily Bonus : You can get free chips by using our app everyday!
    - Weekly Bonus : When you login for consecutive days, you can get bonuses and a tournament ticket.
    - Exchange gifts with friends.
    - Level up bonus : You will get some free bonus when your level goes up.
    - Daily / Weekly Mission: Complete them for free chips.
    - Time Bonus: Receive it every 3 hours.
    - Push notification : Login within 6 hours to claim.
    - Various Seasonal Events

    ※ The amount of chips may vary depending on the individual level.
  • Blackjack 21 has a Daily mission and Special mission.

    The mission icon can be seen in the lobby on the bottom right side, and you will able to see all the missions to complete.

    The Daily mission is divided into two missions such as New User Mission and basic Daily Mission. Everyday GMT 00:00, missions will reset and you can check the time counter on the top right corner from the mission page.

    The Special mission does not have a time limit. Once you complete each mission, you can take the next mission.

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