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  • Yes, Atlantica Online is a free to play game, like all other VALOFE titles.
    VALOFE American utilizes a micro transaction business model, and generates revenue through the sale of virtual goods.
    Atlantica Online features a wide range of customization options for your character, convenience items, and more, which can be purchased with gold (in-game money) or GCOINS (VALOFE's website-wide virtual currency).

    More Information about obtaining GCOINS can be found here.

  • Please double check if your particular quest is already completed.
    Also, make sure that your are looting the correct monster that drops the specific item.
    Finally, check your inventory.
    If it is full, you may no longer be able to loot any more items until you've cleared some space.

  • Sometimes the occupying guilds of certain towns may delete the Travel Agency in the town menu.
    Usually they will add the Travel Agency again, and then the Travel Agency option should be available in the town menu.
    We suggest investing in a Mount of a Teleportation License, it saves a lot of gold!

  • The Auto-Run feature does not require a license.
    To auto-run towards a quest objective, just highlight your current quest and press Alt + R, or double-click on the quest.
    To simply Auto-Run forward, press the "Num Lock" key on your keyboard.

  • Your mercenaries can be upgraded once these two requirements have been met:
    Your mercenary has reached the specified level.
    You have the correct amount of crystals/jewels required to upgrade your mercenary.

  • Items can be stored at the Warehouse in Rome.
    However, you will have to pay a small fee in gold (Atlantica Online's in game-currency) in order to retrieve a stored item.
    Items can be also be stored in My Home furniture.

  • You can hire new mercenaries from mercenary merchants.
    New mercenaries can also be found wandering about the world of Atlantica.
    However, some mercenaries can only be obtained through the successful completion of quests.

  • To split up a stack of items, click the item in your inventory and then, while holding down the "Shift" key, click an empty space in your inventory.
    Enter the amount you want want to split and click confirm.

  • You can only search all enemies at once after you have obtained the "Action:Search All" Item.
    Once obtained, you can use this item to make your characters search all fallen enemies at once by pressing the "X" key on your keyboard.

  • Outside of battle, you can resurrect a mercenary by giving them a Life Potion or by bringing the fallen mercenary to a hospital, which are located in every town.
    Mercenaries can only be resurrected in battle if your main character uses a Scroll of Resurrection from their Quick Slot.

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