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  • If you get a notice at login stating that your account was suspended and you believe this to be a mistake, please submit a Customer Support ticket here with the following information:

    Your account name
    Your character's name
    The reason for suspension
    Why you believe the suspension is a mistake

  • You can reset your secondary password and receive a new 4-digit code in your email address.
    You can also contact us here. Once you receive your temporary secondary password, you may change it to any password you wish, by going in-game, and under Setting > System you will see the Change your Secondary Password option.

    **Remember not to share your secondary password with anyone.

  • The secondary password is a 4-digit code that acts as another layer of security for your account.
    In the event that an account is accessed from another location, the secondary password prompt will require the user to enter the correct 4-digit code before completing the login process.

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