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  • N Item Introduction
    GM 2020-09-01 10:16:23

    One of the important on the adventure is the Item that helps the character to be stronger.
    The contents related to items can be check through Menu → [Item]


    It is divided into 10 parts (Helm, Armor, Belt, Gloves, Boots, Weapon, Flying Weapon, Ring, Necklace, Earrings).
    1. You can check the current equipped items.
    2. List of the Equipment (Equipped or Unequipped) stored on the Equipment Bag.
    3. It shows that Awakening level of the equipment.
    4. It shows the level of the equipment
    5. It shows the Enhancement level of the equipment
    6. You can check the status of the equipment if it is equipped (E) or not.
    7. It shows if the equipment needs a repair.

    Equipment Grade

    Equipment Level Up

    You can increase the equipment level by using the mastery item as a material.
    1. You can check the level and change value that can increase when using the equipment mastery item.
    2. You can check the equipment skill level items and gold consumed when upgrading the equipment level.
    3. Use the [Start Level Up] Button to begin the upgrading of Equipment.
    4.  You can check and select the material that can be used for level up. (The maximum equipment level can only increase based on the character level.
    5. Example: if the character’s level is 35, the maximum level of equipment can only be increased up to 35).

    Equipment Reinforcement/Repair
    You can use the Reinforcing stone item through the Reinforce tab to increase the reinforcement value and stats of the equipment item.

    1. When reinforcement is successful, you can check the increased stats.
    2. It shows the material items and number of Gold consumed for equipment enhancement progress.
    3. Touch the [Start Enhancement] button to proceed with the enhancement progress.
    4. Touch the [Continuous Reinforcement] button to continuously reinforce the specified number of attempts.
    5. You can check and select material items that can be used to enhance equipment.

            Tip: The maximum enhancement value of the equipment is +25.
            You can use the [Arc Stone] item from the enhance value +2 to increase the enhancement probability. (You can use up to 5 Arc Stones.)
           From the enhancement value of +11, if it fails, there are chance that the equipment will be damaged. The damage can be reduced by using the [Obsidian Crystal] item.

    Repeat Reinforcement

    1. It shows the material items and Gold consumption for a specified number of times in repeat reinforcement. 
        Tip: If the reinforcement is successful within the specified number of times, the continuous reinforcement function is stopped.

    2. It is possible to set the stop option for repeat reinforcement.
    3. Specify the number of times to proceed with repeat reinforcement process.
    4. Touch the [Cancel] button to cancel the repeat reinforcement process.
    5. Touch the [Start Reinforcement] button to proceed the specified number of times
         Tip: If the success rate of reinforcement is 100%, you cannot use the [Repeat Reinforcement] function. For equipment items that have been damaged during the reinforcement process, you can use the [Restoration Stone] item to reduce the damage level.

    As the damage value increases, the attack power of the equipment item decreases.
    Damage levels can go up to 5.

    Equipment Awakening

    Equipment items can also be awakened when the character awakens in stage 1 through the Awakening tab. (However, only if the equipment item level is 50)

    1. You can check the changes when the equipment is awakened.
    2. You can check the amount of awakening stones and gold used for equipment awakening.
    3. Click the [Awakening Start] button to proceed with equipment awakening.

        Tip: When equipment awakening, the level of equipment changes to the 1st level of the Awakening.
         In the case of equipment awakening, the awakening is divided into 1~3 stages from the awakening impossible.

    Equipment Modification

    You can change the options of equipment items by consuming [Equipment Modification Order] or [Red Ellun] through the Modification tab.

    You can choose the following stats which you don’t want to modify.
    2. It shows the amount of [Equipment Modification Order] or [Red Ellun] consumed in the equipment modification process.
    3. Touch the [Start Modification] button to proceed with equipment modification.     
        Tip: The cost increases depending on the number of options processing the lock.


    You can change the appearance of the character through the costume.

    It shows the equipment you are currently wearing.
    2. It shows the following equipment (Equipped and Unequipped).
    3. You can show or hide the costume appearance.


    You can create familiar token, weapon, armor, accessories, and other consumables through the production content.

    It is the tab selection where you can choose the category of the item you want to produced.
    2. You can check the sub categories of the selected tab.
    3. You can check the list of items that can be produced in the selected category.
    4. It shows the item list and quantity required for production.
    5. You can select the quantity to be produced at once.
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