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    GM 2020-09-01 11:06:20

    Hello Riders,

    Icarus M. Claim Your Name Event

    Icarus Mobile MMORPG finally opens the sky!

    Riders of Akerion, reserve your desired name!
    Event period will start on 09/08 00:00 (PST) till 09/14 00:00 (PST)~!
    Please check the details below to participate
    Icarus M. Claim Your Name Event Information
    1. Event Period
      - September 08, 2020 (Sun) 00:00 (PST)-September 14, 2020 (Tue) 00:00 (PST)
    2. How to participate
     1) Open the App then login using VFUN/Facebook/Google

    2) Select the server you want.

    3) After selecting the server, click the Confirm button

     4) Click the Touch to Start button.

    5) After selecting a class, click the Next button.

    6) After selecting a class, click the Create button.

    7) Input the Name of your character then click Confirm button.

    8) Character Reservation Completed

    3. Icarus M server information
     1) Character name reservation is sequentially conducted by server (by group), and other servers may be marked as being prepared.
         When the Claim Your Name Event starts, 3 servers will be opened simultaneously.
     2) You may not be able to reserve character names for closed servers.

    Icarus M Server Information
    01. Midellas
    02. Ellora
    03. Parna

    -Character names that violate the operating policy standards cannot be used.
    -Changes or cancellations cannot be made after the character name is occupied.
    -Claim Your Name Event can only be participated once per login account.
    -If you haven't completed your reservation in advance, please complete the reservation.
    -You can use the reserved character name only after logging in with the account you registered in the event.
    -If you do not create a game character within 1 month after the official service, the reserved character name cannot be used.
    -After the official opening, when starting with the reserved character, we will be able to proceed with customization separately.
    -After reservation of your character name, if the login account is verified through the posting in the cafe, it may be deleted without notice.
    We ask for your interest and participation in Claim Your Name Event.
    We hope that the above information helped the Riders of Akerion in participating the event.
    Thank you.
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